Analyst Internship Positions:

We offer fall winter and summer internship Analyst positions. Our Summer Analyst position is a part-time 14-24 week commitment where undergraduate students interested in banking and venture capital are given significant exposure the inner workings of transactions.

During the school-year, Watertower Group offers semester and annual internships. These internships offer similar exposure and training to the summer programs, but are designed to accommodate a busy school schedule. Typically these internship commitments are part-time and span 6 months but can last an entire school year.


Associate Internship Positions:

Associate internships are geared toward MBA, JD, MD, MFin, or MSc. program candidates. Summer Associates will be given greater responsibility, work closely with partners, garnering deep insight into the process. Intern Associates work on live engagements and get significant experience across multiple transactions to build a solid framework to start a career in venture capital and investment banking.

Much like the Analyst Internship, there are both summer and term-time internships available. Summer internships are 8-12 weeks and the term time commitment is ~20-25 weeks.






If you’re interested in applying for a position at Watertower Group, please submit your resume here: 


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