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Corporate Development

With a network of senior level relationships in industries encompassing technology, internet, digital-media, entertainment, advertising, broadband, and network operators, Watertower Group leverages its network and domain expertise to help our client and portfolio companies achieve success through establishment of profitable partnerships, alliances and strategic corporate development. Shortening the timeframe to execute and achieve revenue generating results increases the prospects for success in all areas of a company’s formation and continued growth.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Watertower Group recognizes an active yet underserved market in the area of Micro M&A – Transactions of between $1 Million and $50 Million dollars. Watertower Group is a strategically positioned boutique advisor taking early and middle stage venture back portfolio companies to market through a unique and innovative approach to M&A. By introducing companies to the market with a strategic and collaborative objective as the mandate we are able to efficiently achieve the desired transaction while limited downside risk associated with a sales or auction process run by traditional M&A shops. A tiered and comprehensive approach is utilized in targeting the most likely and otherwise unlikely set of acquirers and strategic partners.

Watertower Group provides the following Corporate Finance/ Mergers & Acquisition services:

  • Preparation of offering documents and presentations
  • Identification of qualified potential acquirers and strategic partners
  • Management and arrangement of road show process
  • Management and documentation creation of due diligence materials and process
  • Structuring terms of the offering
  • Negotiation of terms and management of the closing process

Capital Raising

We work with compelling companies and the passionate entrepreneurs behind them to support and manage the entire fund raising process. We help shape promising seed, early stage and expansion stage companies into tier-one venture fundable entities. We connect companies with the top Venture Capital firms whose expertise and networks combine to create world class value-add investors in the area of technology, consumer internet, digital media, and telecom. Watertower Group provides a comprehensive end-to-end approach to raising institutional capital encompassing everything from document preparation, investor introduction and qualification, and road show management.


Watertower Venture Early Access Fund

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