About Us


Who We Are

We are successful entrepreneurs who are passionate about the entrepreneurs we work with and committed to the companies we support. We build value through a unique approach to early-stage capital formation, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate development.

Watertower Group works with a wide range of internet, digital media, and technology companies. Our deep industry expertise, strategic network of relationships, and intense commitment to success combine to provide immediate impact and maximize shareholder value.

We believe that integrity and trust, combined with personal chemistry and a shared set of common goals, are critical to a successful partnership. Watertower Group is built on these principles.

Working With Us

At Watertower Group, we are trusted and intensely committed advisors to the entrepreneurs and companies we partner with. We provide critical Segment Expertise that makes us the right partners to achieve success. Whether it is raising institutional capital from tier-one VC’s, executing a successful M&A mandate, creating strategic partnerships and alliances, or direct investment from the Watertower Early Opportunity Fund, we utilize a unique approach and the Industry Expertise to help companies succeed at all levels.


Raising capital or executing an M&A process is a monumental endeavor. For entrepreneurs who are already challenged by limited time and resources, this additional distraction from the core focus of building their business too often results in failure.

We believe strongly that management’s attention and energies should be concentrated entirely on operating and growing the business they know, while we work towards achieving critical initiatives on their behalf.

Entrepreneurs and investors need the support of a trusted advisor with a proven track record and the industry-specific knowledge to ensure a successful fund-raising or M&A process and outcome. As a truly aligned partner, Watertower Group provides entrepreneurs the time and resources to focus on building their core business by partnering with us to manage the entire corporate finance process.

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